Tips For Washing And Maintaining Your Truck

For guys a truck is a symbol of themselves, their virility and their ability to perform difficult tasks with ease.  As a truck owner, we take pride in what we drive, how we use it and much more.  For this reason, knowing how to clean our truck exteriors is very important to us.  When we don’t have that shine it effects emotionally.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your truck is clean and showroom ready.

truck exteriors

Rinse your truck

Rinse your truck from the top down.  You want to make sure that your truck gets a good soaking and that the loose dirt is all removed from the top downward.  When you reach the bottom of the truck make sure to spray and scrub the wheel wells.  The wheel wells are where a lot of dirt and grime will collect.

Use the proper cleaner

Using soap and specific car cleaners is wise when washing your truck.  You don’t want to use materials that may cause issues with your paint or will leave streaks and water marks on your truck.  Go to your local car store and see what type of cleaning supplies they offer.  Experiment with different brands to see which one works best for your vehicle.

Wash tires and wheels

You want to wash your tires as well.  Get in with a brush and cloth to clean in between the spokes and tire groves.  You will want to use a tire shine product that will make your tires look wet.  This wet look makes the rest of your truck shine.

Wash from top to bottom

You want to wash the truck from the roof to the wheels.  When you do it like this the dirt will run down onto the ground. 

Taking the time to wash your truck and remove all the dirt and grime will help to prolong the life of your vehicle for years to come.